SEVERN Abrasives

SEVERN abrasives - We started as a Diamond Tool company in 2008 and quickly diversified into other products the abrasive side focuses on a wide range of products from leading supplies.

The range can be split into two main areas Bonded and Coated.

Within bonded we have cutting and grinding discs from 30 mm to 600 mm diameter, suitable for cutting everything from aluminium to zinc. Thicknesses from 0.8 mm upwards means we have the tool for you.

Some of the more innovative items are within Super Thin cutting discs, where we have 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 options. A 115 x 1,0 x 22,23 disc that cuts Stainless, Mild Steel and Stone, great if you need flexibility or only want to stock one item. We highly recommend that if you are just cutting say Mild Steel you go with a specific product, and we offer no fewer than 12 options in 115 mm alone.

Our Grinding discs’ range is just as vast, with sizes from 70 to 230 mm diameter and width's from 1.9 to 8,0 mm. If you have a specific requirement just call or email and we will endeavour to help you.


Coated encompasses fibre discs, flap discs, belts and Spiro bands to name a few. In fibre we have an enormous range, four grain types - Aluminium oxide - Ceramic oxide - Zirconia Alumina - Silicon Carbide and 25 different grit sizes from 12 course to 1500 superfine.

We believe our flap disc offering is amongst the best available, why? A flap disc is only as good as the materials on it, and the number of those flaps. Our most popular flap disc is the Rondo Zirconium 40 Grit, unique and the best flap I have sold ever (24 years in the industry) 

If you don’t find the product you are looking for please email and we will advise the best solution, that might not be the way you currently do it and could save you money.
Gold Flapdiscs
Silver Flapdiscs
Ceramic & Zircon Fibre
Alox Fibre & Backing Pads
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